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This video shows how chinese people doing fanstastic work to make people laugh,by making such funny videos.It will make you giggle watch it.

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So there was this man in Bulgaria who drove trains professionally.

He adored his activity. Driving a prepare had been his fantasy as far back as he was a kid. He wanted to influence the prepare to go as quick as could reasonably be expected. Sadly, one day he was excessively neglectful and caused a crash. He influenced it to out, yet a solitary individual kicked the bucket. All things considered, obviously, he went to court over this occurrence. He was discovered liable, and was condemned to death by electric shock. At the point when the day of the execution came, he asked for a solitary banana as his last dinner. Subsequent to eating the banana, he was lashed into the hot seat. The switch was flown, flashes flew, and smoke filled the air – however nothing happened. The man was flawlessly fine.

All things considered, at the time, there was an old Bulgarian law that said a fizzled execution was an indication of perfect mediation, so the man was permitted to go free. By one means or another, he figured out how to recover his old occupation driving the prepare. Having not educated his lesson by any stretch of the imagination, he went ideal back to driving the prepare with total surrender. By and by, he made a prepare crash, this time killing two individuals. The trial went much the same as the to start with, bringing about a sentence of execution. For his last feast, the man asked for two bananas. In the wake of eating the bananas, he was lashed into the hot seat. The switch was tossed, flashes flew, smoke filled the room – and the man was by and by unharmed.

All things considered, this obviously implied he was allowed to go. Also, by and by, he some way or another figured out how to recover his old occupation. What exactly ought to have been the astonishment of nobody, he smashed yet another prepare and murdered three individuals. Thus he by and by ended up being condemned to death. Upon the arrival of his execution, he asked for his last feast: three bananas.

“Guess what? No,” said the killer. “I’ve had it with you and your imbecilic bananas and leaving here unharmed. I’m not giving you a thing to eat; we’re lashing you in and doing this now.” Well, it was against convention, yet the man was tied in to the hot seat without a last dinner. The switch was pulled, flashes flew, smoke filled the room – and the man was as yet unharmed. The killer was confused.

The man took a gander at the killer and stated, “Goodness, the bananas had nothing to do with it. I’m only an awful conductor.”