35 Min Wheat Pasta Recipe With Mushroom Sauce

wheat pasta recipe with mushroom sauce

“A healthy wheat pasta recipe with mushroom sauce if  you’re really hungry and want to eat something delicious then this recipe is ready in 35 min.”   Ingredients Of Wheat Pasta with Mushroom Sauce 50 gm shitake mushroom-absorbed warm water for 15 minutes 100 gm new mushroom-cut 1 Tbsp cleaved onion 1 clove garlic 1. Tbsp […]

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Lose Belly Fat Naturally 25 Easy Tips

belly fat , lose weight

About how to lose belly fat Everyone thinks belly fat  is very difficult to lose but these simple 25 tricks makes possible to lose your belly fat. The major reasons why our belly fat increase:- Sugar Cold drinks Fast food Baked sweet Treats Candies After eating we sat down,never walk Eat food in inappropriate ways […]

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Gulab Jamun Recipe(From Bread)Indian Sweet

bread gulab jamun

About gulab jamun Gulab jamun is a drain strong based South Asian sweet, especially famous in the Indian subcontinent, strikingly India, Nepal (where it is known as lal mohan), Pakistan and Bangladesh, and in addition Myanmar. It is additionally basic in Mauritius Fiji, southern and eastern Africa, Malay Peninsula, and the Caribbean nations of Trinidad […]

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